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Fall In!

Sprinting around has never been easier. You amaze yourself as your in-game character run non-stop for 500 meters, jumps over a ditch, and crawl another 100 meter to another position. You have never been so ‘garang’ before. Not when you were in NS at least.

The virtual battlefield of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare feature cool technology such as Drones, AR, as well as virtual friend and foe identification. The technology that you see and use in-game are not fiction. They already exist. If you find them cool, you are in luck. You can get to use them in the real world. Without signing on as a career soldier to boot. You can find all the technology in Logistics. All the perks without the blood and sweat.

Logistics Is High Tech

What do you picture when you think of Logistics? Stuffy warehouses and manual labor? You can’t be more wrong. That is a picture of the past. Logistics these days is very cool. These days, speed and precision is of the utmost importance. Just like how speed and precision helps you rake up kill-streaks in game, speed and precision also dominates Logistics.

Logistics has gone high-tech and features technology that you can see in the game. RFID, drones, augmented reality, are in Logistics. And they are here to stay.

The Magic of AR Technology

It may come as no surprise that AR technology is being utilized for training purposes in the military. Think about all the flight simulators, battlefield simulators and other programs. AR technology is also being used in Logistics to plan and coordinate shipments and inventories. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and welcome AR Technology as it allows you to better access and use information.

Here’s Your Delivery

While the drones in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare deliver weapons, the drones in Logistics are more friendly. They are being used to deliver products. Fast, precise and convenient. Without the hassle of being stuck in heavy traffic. It has already been used for food delivery.

If  you live on the 18 floor and the lifts are busted. You are very hungry. Drone pizza delivery! All praise the drone!

The Power Of RFID

Imagine this, you are in the forest during ICT awaiting fresh rations. The supply tonner arrives. Upon unloading the supplies however, you discover that there has been a mistake. No rations. Instead, you have been sent a load of sandbags.

Instead of the Logistics Industry learning from the military in utilising RFID, it is the military that is adopting RFID practices from the Logistics Industry to upgrade their own speed and precision.

One does not have to load and unload supplies to verify their content. All that is needed is for you to scan and verify. This reduces the risk of ‘wrong cargo’. Similarly, RFID technology can be used to tag specific products like food (with a shelf life) and medical supplies (fragile). All this can drastically improve the speed and precision from which troops can receive their supplies.

Logistics Is Cool

Excited yet? The Logistics Industry is at the forefront of technological advancement. If you are a fan of military first person shooters and in love with the in-game technology, you should consider joining the Logistics Industry. After all, not everyone has access to such cool and futuristic gadgets and technology.

Here’s Your Chance To Use Drones, VR, and RFID In Real Life!