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Top 3 Lessons From The Football Pitch: How To Score On The Field And In Your Job

Football as we know it is a highly competitive sport between teams. We share joy and anguish with the teams on the field. Yet competitive football has some lessons for us and here are 3 takeaways…

1: Pass The Ball!

Football is first and foremost a team sport. And teamwork is the crucial ingredient to scoring goals. The rationale is simple. The ball travels faster than the speediest player!

Think about the sensational crosses, through passes we have seen on the field. We can recall instances of players – instead of passing the ball to teammates in more advantageous positions – chose to go for goal themselves. And we go, “eh, don’t selfish lay” while rueing the missed opportunity.

Excelling in your job requires teamwork as well. After all no man is an island. Focus on the goal and prioritise teamwork. You will find your goal easier to achieve.

2: Always Know Where Is The Ball!

The striker with a predatory instinct seals the deal and scores the goal. We all know how deadly a striker at the right time and place could be. Yet despite all their positional awareness and finishing prowess, they cannot score goals if they do not receive the ball.

Situational awareness is not a quality limited to the striker.

All players on the field require situational awareness in order to better exploit gaps in their opponent’s gameplay and set up opportunities for their team.

While different positions have different responsibilities, they all share a common goal – win the game. After all, goals are not only scored by strikers. Defenders and midfielders have scored goals as well. Regardless of whether you are a “striker”, “winger” or “defender” in your job, situational awareness is the difference between doing your job and doing your job well.

And who knows, your situational awareness may net you a goal in the process.

3: You Can’t Do Anything Without The Ball!

We know with certainty that having high possession of the ball on the pitch results in more opportunities to score. Having high possession also means you stifle the other side’s opportunities to score goals.

Ever wondered why players try so hard to win the ball?

Simply put, control and possession of the ball is a zero-sum game.

If you have it, you set the tempo of the game and your opponents are reacting to your move. Also, your opponents simply can’t score against you. How can they, when the ball is under your control?

The rationale is the same off the pitch as well. Keep your goal in mind and stay in control. Always maintain possession and control over targets, KPIs, or deadlines…  You are only in danger of being compromised when you lose control of the situation.

Time to put it into practice and score a goal!

There you have it, three simple lessons from football that is applicable to whatever you do.

Want to achieve your goal?