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5 Tips To Ace Your Interview!

Do you have an upcoming interview? If so, here are 5 tips for you to ace it.

1. Start By Reviewing The Job Description

Read the job posting and analyse the job description. This is what you are going to be doing should you be selected for the job. Make a list of the requirements and note which skills are required for you to do the job well.

If you meet the criteria of the job requirements, think about the other skills, and knowledge that you can bring into the job and share them during the interview. This adds value to your application as the interviewers are aware that you understand the job well.


2. Think About How Your Experience And Skills Fit Into The New Job

Understanding the demands of the new job is only the first step. The next step would be applying your own experience, skillsets, expertise into the new job. The interviewers will also be impressed by the fact that you have thought about how you are going to fit into the role with your personal experience and skillsets.

For example, if you are applying for a position as a Warehouse Supervisor, you can share relevant experience that you have if it is relevant to the job. You can share the fact that you have a Forklift licence. Or that you have experience in operating industrial machinery from another industry. Therefore you can learn to operate new machines fast.

You can also share soft skills that you have picked up. For example, you can share that in your previous jobs, you interact with a lot of foreigners. Therefore, you are confident that you can work along with colleagues of different nationalities, as well as guide them into their jobs if they are new to Singapore.

3. Do Your Research On The Company

Understand the industry, the company goals as well as the culture of the company. For example, reading the Company Profile on Job Portals, checking reviews on company culture on career networking sites such as LinkedIn, and looking up on the company website to understand its history and where is it moving towards.

This is an important step not only for acing the interview. It is also important to you as well. Understanding the company and it’s history allows you to determine if the culture in the company is the right fit for you.

Understand how the company differs from other companies in the same industry. This will both prepare you to answer questions about the company as well as provide you with questions to ask the interviewer.

4. Look Sharp And Leave A Good First Impression

Dress for the occasion. Don’t be sloppy. Even if your research shows that the dress code for the company is casual, the first interview is still a formal affair.

Turning up for your interview in crumpled shirts and clothings that do not fit gives off the impression that you do not care. Your interview is your first stage to joining your new company.

And you want to leave a good impression by appearing neat, prepared and on-time.


5. Be Proactive And Follow Up

Take some time to reflect on your interview. What went well and what did not go as planned. Take note and avoid the same issue for your future interviews. You are being proactive in ensuring your own success this way.

Another way you can be proactive is to follow up on the interview. Many applicants often pat themselves on the back after their interview and wait. Don’t be like them. A day after your interview, take some time off to drop an email or a phone call to your interviewer to show your appreciation.

Your interviewers will be conducting multiple interviews to find their ideal candidate. Thank them for their time. This not only shows your sincerity it also indicates your commitment. Your interviewers will also be able contact you should they have any more questions from you. It also makes you more memorable than the other applicants that disappear after the interview.

Think about it, if you are an interviewer, who do you prefer? The applicant that expressed interest and thanked you for your time? Or the applicant that vanished?

Land Your Dream Job Now!

Keep this 5 tips in your heart and you are well on your way to landing your dream job. You have done your research. You understand the company and the job. You have expressed how you can contribute to the company. You have made a strong impression. And you have displayed your commitment by being proactive.

Now let us help you land your dream job!