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3 Videos to Show Why Logistics is the Coolest Industry to Work In

Thinking of changing jobs or switching careers? Have you considered logistics? Logistics is now the coolest industry to work in. Here’s why.

By now, you should have at least shop at one of the shopping sites like Lazada, Amazon Prime Now or Qoo10. If you have not, you are missing a lot. And where have you been? Online, stuff are cheaper and have a much wider range than our normal shopping centres. But have you wondered how they manage to have so much stuff and yet manage to get those stuff to you on time?

Welcome to the world of logistics.

These 3 videos will show you how cool the logistics industry is with the latest technology.

1. A Drone Can Bring Stuff to You

Yes, the future is here and now. A drone can directly fly the product to you within the same day.

2. Robots Will Work with You

In logistics, we use robots so that we can work faster and better. With robots, we do not need to walk up and down. We can just focus on making sure the right goods are shipped.

The Chinese version by Alibaba:

3. Just Grab and Go

There’s no need to queue anymore. Just grab what you need from your supermarket and go through a special door, and the money will be deducted from your bank account. The Chinese are first on this one.

4. The Fastest Growing Industry Because of E-commerce

Because of e-commerce, logistics is booming like crazy. And here are some numbers to make your mind explode.

Last year, during the major Black Friday event, the e-commerce sales totalled S$4.5 billion just over a single weekend in USA. BUT for the same year, China’s Singles Day (11th November) hit a ridiculous S$27 billion of sales in just one day! That is S$10 billion more than what our neighbouring country, Brunei earns as an entire country in a single year.

It’s time you change jobs and join us in the most exciting and brightest industry ever!

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