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3 Reasons Why You Should Work in Jurong
(And Probably Move to Jurong As Well)

I know what you are thinking. When you see a job ad that says Jurong or Tuas, you immediately skip it. Don’t. Jurong is now officially the hippest place in Singapore. (East Coasters, weep now.) In fact, you will not just love working there, you will want to live here. After we will tell you why, you will ask your SO to buy your first BTO flat in Jurong.

You Can Shop, Rest and Eat the Whole Day in Jurong (in Air-con Comfort)

Shopping is our national pastime. We love the aircon, the lovely goods and the pretty sales staff. And we are spoilt for choice in Jurong. Once you step out of Jurong East MRT, you can immediately access J-Link, a super bridge that links four HUGE shopping malls together on the second floor. J-Link connects (strictly in order of merit): IMM, Westgate, JEM and Big Box.

The Fantastic Shopping in Jurong
If you don’t know about IMM, you are missing out a lot, and I seriously mean A LOT. There are lots of tourists here. Why? Two words: outlet shopping. If you have gone to outlet shopping in Italy and USA, you know what I mean. Let’s see… IMM has Nike, Adidas, Asics (also Onitsuka), Fred Perry, Charles and Keith, Pedro, agnes B, New Balance, Coach, Calvin Klein Jeans etc. All at half price or more! Yours truly has bought two pairs of New Balance shoes here.

Jurong basically has all the brands you need in Orchard Road. (The only one we miss is probably Zara.) JEM has Adidas Originals, Benjamin Barker, H&M, Mango, MUJI, Robinsons, Uniqlo etc. Westgate has an interesting mix of tenants: Armani Exchange, COS, Tokyu Hands, Owndays etc. And last but not least, Big Box, basically an unbranded, no-frills shopping. The range of furniture is huge because the owner actually owns a few furniture brands and chains. A secret: the Big Box cafe is really quiet to sit around and rest.

And if you are coming from Tuas west extension, remember to stop by at Joo Koon MRT. There is one place you need to visit: Decathlon, the sports megahouse from France. Their petite backpacks are absolutely popular with kids and parents. It’s light and a steal at $3.90.

The Fabulous Food (and Drinks) in Jurong
That reminds us of food and drinks! If you are a coffee addict, all your coffee joints are here: Starbucks (always packed at JEM and Westgate but ok at Ng Teng Fong hospital), Coffee Bean (always kind find a seat here) and Paris Baguette (pair it with a pretty pastry). For fast-food fiends, your usual suspects are all here: Mac’s, KFC, Burger King etc. Our favs? Well, we frequent Tonkatsu Bistro by Ma Maison (Katsu don), Lady M (Mille Crepe) and Tim Ho Wan (dim sum). Cheaper options? The food courts at JEM and Westgate are fantastic. And for some reason, the food court at West Gate is always not crowded. Try the soup or authentic Vietnamese food here. For JEM, go for the fabulous rojak or hokkien mee. Wow, writing all about food makes me hungry.

The Future in Jurong
Remember we talk about buying BTO here? HDB prices in Jurong will probably increase after the High Speed Rail that links Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is completed. Because the HSR stops at Jurong. And the government is going to make Jurong Lakeside District into another CBD-like place (think Tampines Regional Hub). So buy into Jurong now!


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