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3 Hacks For Better Relations With Your Boss

Deadlines are looming. Tensions are rising. And to top it off, your boss is breathing down your neck! What to do?

Like it or not, our ability to do our job well is only half the picture in getting our work done. An increasing important aspect is managing our relations with our boss. Work can hectic and you do not want to complicate things further by straining your relationship with your boss.

Here are 3 pointers that you can value add to your relations with your boss.

Your Boss Is Not A Villain

Your boss has strengths, yet it is important to note that they are not perfect. They are human too. They have their own quirks and peculiarities. Complaining about your boss doesn’t change anything. Instead, think about why (and how) they run things the way they do.

If you are stressed at work, remind yourself that you are not the only one feeling the heat. Your boss is probably facing the same situation as well. Your boss is on the same team as you. And facing the same challenges as you. With the same deadlines.

You are all on the same team.

Your Boss Is A Valuable Team Member

There is no I in we, no me in team. Goals aligned, it is much easier to get things done together as a team than individually.

Rather than a taskmaster, think about your boss as a key resource to getting the job done. Think about all the inter-departmental communication you have to coordinate if not for your boss. (shudder) Think about all the resources (and guidance) your boss provides in order for you to get your job done. Do you have the means to procure the network, resources and experience that your boss have at his or her disposal?

Being in the same team, your boss’s success is also your success.

Share The Love

Unless your boss is a total &%#%$&, there will be things that you appreciate about your boss. Heck, even Darth Vader showed his good side in Star Wars when he sided with Luke against the epitome of nastiness – the Emperor. Your boss is not the Emperor surely.

The question is, are you showing your boss, that his or her efforts are appreciated? Everyone needs an affirmation every now and then, especially in times of stress. Think about the occasions when your boss went out of his or her way to help you accomplish your goal.

Felt appreciated? Return the favour then.

 Looking For A Good Boss To Guide You?

These 3 pointers are simple. Yet often overlooked. If you follow these 3 pointers, not only will you be able to excel in your job, you will also have found a mentor and friend for life.

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