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3 Important Things Your SME Boss Wants From You

As an SME boss I am speaking for myself. I have also worked with many SME bosses and I know they also need these three qualities from you. So here are the three most important things we as SME bosses want from you:

1. Adopt a Can Do Never Say Die Attitude

Because we are small, you are expected to do a lot of things, if possible, everything. Because of this, attitude is super important. Say yes first then think of how to get things done. Don’t say cannot or don’t know. If cannot, learn. If don’t know, ask.

Don’t try for a while then give up. Never give up. Never throw in the towel so fast. Try first. Try harder. Then tell me what you need from me. I will give you everything you need to get things done. Because I know you can do it. And I believe in you.


2. Be Faster, Better and Cheaper

We are small and that is why we can move faster, sell cheaper and become better. I don’t have middle managers to manage you. We are not that big. Yet.

My door is always open. Talk to me. While we may be small, we are infinitely better than the big organisations. Why? Because they are complacent and tied down with long processes and complicated systems. My standards are in fact higher than theirs. That’s the reason why I started a business.

Because I believe we are actually faster, better and cheaper. Run with me. No, sprint with me.


3. Dream Bigger and Bolder Dreams

We may be small now but I have bigger and bolder dreams. I want you to grow with me, stay with me so that we can grow together. I also want you to enjoy life, spend time with your family and friends, learn new stuff and be happy. We can become world class if we run together.

I may seem to you that I think I am right most of the times. But in my quieter moments, I usually think I may be wrong. So I need you to tell me a different thing sometimes.

Share your views and your dreams with me so that we can think together and dream bigger and bolder stuff.  Because I really believe we can take on the world together.

So, here are the three most important things we as SME bosses want from you.

Ultimately, work is not work for us. It is what we love doing every single day and every waking moment of our lives. We hope you read our minds, listen to our hearts and are of the same spirit with us.

Ok, let’s get back to work then.

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