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 2 Simple Questions That Will Impress Your Co-Workers When You Are New

It doesn’t matter if it is your first job, or you already have ample work experience under your belt. Your first day at work can be pretty taxing. And it feels a lot like your first day at school. The only difference? You have responsibilities now. And you need to prove your worth and deliver the goods in your new position.

These concerns can be addressed in due time one you have settled into your position. Often you have another set of more-pressing concerns: Will you make friends quickly? Or are you going to be in ‘silent mode’ your entire day in the office?

Fret not. Here are two questions to ask your co-workers and settle in. Besides leaving a good impression with your sense of responsibility, you are also getting to know your colleagues (and your new position) without sounding too insecure and needy. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

1. Can You Tell Me A Little Bit About Your Role?

It is necessary to understand what your colleagues do if you want to communicate and collaborate with them. Job titles can only say so much and most importantly, their job titles do not cover what do they do on a daily basis!This seemingly simple question serves two purpose.

You learn about of your colleagues’ duties. Not only do you get a better picture of the workflow in your new environment, you also understand who does what. This information will be very helpful should you have a specific question or request as you no longer have to ask (and bother everyone).

Secondly, you are demonstrating your interest in your colleagues.

Being interested in their roles sends them a message. You want to know them and you are not a lone-wolf. This will make co-operation smoother and much more effective.

2.  How Can I (Or My Position) Best Help You?

This is a deep question and may initially raise some eye-brows from your colleagues. Be sincere and give them sufficient time to process your question and you will be rewarded.

Sure, you have read and understood the job description. You understand your job scope. But you are not the only one working in your company! Be savvy and find out how to add value to everyone’s duties.

Understand that your duties are part and parcel of the work pipeline. Your work and your gestures does affect your colleague’s efficiency. The same goes for how the work from your colleagues’ may affect your own efficacy.

Finding out how you can lighten their workload on your part shows them that you are a team-player. There are simple things that you can do to work better with your colleagues, and finding them out as soon as possible will be the most beneficial.

Goodbye To Awkward First Weeks!

When you are new, things can be hectic. Ask these two question when you are getting started and your colleagues will respect you and like you more.

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